American Sign Language Tutoring Now Available!

NVTS is pleased to announce that we have recently hired two employees of Gallaudet University, one deaf, one hearing, who are fully proficient in American Sign Language. We are pleased to offer this expanded service to our current and new clients. Please call the office if you have a child who is in need of … Read more

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Does Saving Penalize Parents of College-Bound Students?

As students come to the end of their high school years, the question of college selection and college funding becomes paramount in the minds of parents and, in some instances, grandparents. Of course, completion of the dreaded Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is the first step parents must take. The FAFSA form … Read more

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Perrino’s Book Reviewed and Featured in Fairfax County Times

I am proud to announce that the second edition of my book Issues, Strategies, and Concerns in Education Today: A Collection of Essays has been reviewed by The Fairfax Times in its June 3 online and print editions. You can read the review here:

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The Value of a “Gap Year” (or just not attending traditional four-year college)

The recent discussion over whether it is a good idea for President Obama's daughter to forego college for a year and take what is commonly termed a "gap year" reflects a troubling trend in education. The President and his daughter may actually be onto something that many Americans ignore when their child approaches high school graduation. I address … Read more

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Focus Fracas and the Loss of “Serious Reading”

A recent essay in the online Chronicle of Higher Education titled “Focus Fracas” (December 6, 2015), addresses the issue of inattentiveness, lack of focus, and digital over-stimulation of college students in today's technologically charged college classroom. Its author, Frank Furedi, noted that at a recent sociology conference, when he told his colleagues that he required his students to read … Read more

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