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As you can see from our home page, we have closed our doors at NVTS after serving the academic needs of the students and families of Northern Virginia for nearly a quarter of a century. For twenty-four years, we have built a reputation that we believe is second to none by offering outstanding service. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in the fact that our reputation continues to be respected by the families we have served. It has been heartwarming and gratifying to receive many phone calls and email messages from clients, some of whom have been with us for more than twenty years!

I am in the process of writing my second book. As many of you know, I teach sociology at Northern Virginia Community College. I tend to view the world from a sociological perspective. Hence, the draft of the book is titled “Tumultuous America: 1955 – 1975.” It is an examination of the period of mid-20th century America that views the murder of Emmett Till and the end of America’s involvement in Vietnam as the cornerstones that defined that period of history.

In addition to writing my second book, I serve on the boards of two local professional theater companies as Co-President of the Board of Faction of Fools and as a board member of Creative Cauldron. I also serve on the Advisory Board of the David M. Brown Planetarium. Denise is actively involved with theater education in several professional theaters, including Faction of Fools and Creative Cauldron (among others), and continues to influence the children of Northern Virginia through her involvement in numerous theater classes and productions.

We will miss serving the needs of so many wonderful families and students throughout Northern Virginia, but hope to stay in touch and offer our combined seventy years of teaching and professional advice to the readers of this blog.

Among the topics on my mind are the impact of the Internet and social media on the learning process; how the field of education, particularly higher education, must manage the inevitable rise of robotics and artificial intelligence; the global achievement gap; the digital divide between wealthy and middle class American students and students of lesser means; the impact of economic inequality on the education of our children as well as other socially untenable manifestations such as a faltering family structure, increased crime and drug abuse, and much more.

Please come back and visit my blog and, of course, feel free to comment on anything in a civil, educated manner.

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