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The Value of a “Gap Year” (or just not attending traditional four-year college)

The recent discussion over whether it is a good idea for President Obama's daughter to forego college for a year and take what is commonly termed a "gap year" reflects a troubling trend in education. The President and his daughter may actually be onto something that many Americans ignore when their child approaches high school graduation. I address … Read more

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The Impact of Hunger and Poverty on Academic Achievement

I recently invited a guest speaker from The National League of Cities to come to my class at the college. She spoke about the impact of hunger and poverty on academic achievement. Although there may seem to be an obvious correlation to the casual observer, the information and statistics presented were both surprising and alarming, … Read more

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President Obama’s Back to School Speech

President Obama said much during his back to school speech yesterday, but if you distill it all down to one thought, it is that drive, perseverance, determination, and creativity paves the way to success for students. He spoke of staying in school, completing high school, and going on to seek further training either in a … Read more

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