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More on the 2016 Changes to the SAT Examination

If I had a nickel for every time during the past 20 years that I have asked a parent if their child is self-motivated to study for the SAT and their response was “no way!”, I could retire. The vast majority of students are just not going to do it on their own. They are … Read more

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Multiple Choice Exams Antiquated

n the age of the internet and a globalized economy where skills beyond rote memorization will be needed, the multiple choice examination, literally invented in 1914 by Frederick J. Kelly, has become outmoded. Many believe the problems that public education faces can be traced to excessive standardized testing. Of course, standardized tests have been in … Read more

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SAT Panic

I would like to share my favorite SAT story. I recognize that it has been more than a few decades since I took the SAT exam, but this may put the exam in some historical, albeit humorous, perspective. It was September, 1967. I was sitting in 8th period Spanish I. Mr. DeCarlo, the Guidance Director … Read more

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More on the Changing Face of the SAT Exam

As a follow-up to my post several days ago, I am attaching an interesting article that appeared in today’s Washington Post, written by Michael Chandler, titled “The New Face of the SAT.” Chandler points to several important empirical factors that may explain the recent College Board report that SAT scores, particularly in the area of … Read more

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SAT Scores Decline

An article in yesterday’s Washington Post reported that scores on the reading comprehension section of the SAT examination have dropped nationally and locally to the lowest point in four decades – down 33 points from 1972. Scores on the math section of the exam have remained constant and, in fact, have increased by five points … Read more

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