Apply to be a Tutor

Our tutors are hired as independent contractors, and are matched with clients from throughout the Northern Virginia suburbs, Maryland and Washington DC. We manage all marketing, legal and insurance issues, administration, and management issues, so our tutors are responsible only for doing what they do best—teaching. Our service guarantees that tutors are compensated for all hours worked with students or consultations with teachers, parents, and counselors. Compensation is always guaranteed if a student fails to arrive at a prescribed tutoring session. Additional compensation may apply if traveling to an area not in the tutor's geographic area is an issue. Tutors will sign a simple agreement with our company, which protects both parties fairly.

No gimmicks…we are honest people with a reputation to uphold.

Necessary qualifications

  • Minimum bachelor's degree.
  • Access to a car. Very few of our families are metro-accessible.
  • Minimum of 4 references who can attest to your ability to work with children and/or young adults, and your expertise in the subject area in which you would like to tutor.
  • You need not have previous tutoring/teaching experience, per se. We frequently hire professionals from outside the field of education who have proven abilities in many subject areas, and an enthusiasm for working with children and young adults.


How to apply

Please mail a copy of your cover letter, resume and contact information and your four references to:

Dr. Ralph G. Perrino
Northern Virginia Tutoring Service, LLC
P.O. Box 6621 Falls Church, Virginia 22040

Call us at 703-534-5779 if you have any questions.
Note: We do NOT accept electronically submitted applications (this includes email and fax).

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