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Dr. and Mrs. Perrino are leaders in education, each with over 30 years each of experience helping students and their families. The Perrinos are the parents of two adult sons and have worked in the public school system at the elementary, high school and college levels. To invite the Perrinos to speak at your next school PTA Meeting, organization or educational event or to schedule a Consultation call us at 703-534-5779 or email Dr. Perrino at

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Key Points to Consider When Hiring a Tutor
The process of deciding whether and how to hire a tutor to work with one's child to improve his or her academic performance is an often daunting task. This presentation provides some practical considerations that should be considered and addressed before making this critical decision.

What You Need to Know!
Strategies for School Success This presentation is part of an ongoing series conducted throughout Northern Virginia by Dr. and Ms. Perrino addressing issues such as how to identify differing learning styles, strategies that will help the learning process, time management and organization techniques, and strategies for student self-advocacy.

Understanding the Differences: SAT vs ACT
Students and parents are often confused about the differences between the SAT and ACT examinations. Although both are used by colleges and universities as an assessment tool, there are philosophical and content differences between these two examinations.

Community College: An Option Not to be Ignored in College Planning
The cost of a traditional four-year college education has, for the past decade, outpaced the rate of inflation and has become less attainable by an increasing segment of the population. An option often disregarded or discounted by parents and students is the community college. This presentation offers some compelling financial and professional reasons why students should consider the community college option.

Early Decision: Whose Interests Are Being Served?
Early Decision has often been thought of as a reward for high achieving students who seek the most prestigious universities, but in recent years it has come under increasing scrutiny and criticism. Many schools continue to use this practice because it guarantees a committed pool of qualified students. However students must be aware that acceptance of a school through the early admission process commits them to that school. This presentation also delves into the world of college rankings and the role that Early Decision plays in boosting a college's selectivity. Dr. Perrino concludes with a word of advice regarding the role of the university in educating students.

College and Career Choices: Issues to Consider
Few parents or students are aware that 34% of college students drop out of college, return home, or transfer after their freshman year in college. Commonly referred to as "The Freshman Myth", this unfortunate phenomenon is the result of lack of preparation, inadequate finances, poor study habits, unhappy personal adjustment, and other factors. In this informative presentation, Dr. Perrino discusses alternatives to expensive four-year college degree programs, including community college as a cost-effective option. He also offers some interesting insights with regard to matching a college education with the job market. Last, Dr. Perrino discusses the survival skills that will be needed in the global economy—critical thinking and problem-solving skills; the ability to work cross-culturally and understand other cultures; agility and adaptability; Initiative and entrepreneurialism; effective oral and written communication skills; the ability to access and analyze information as a "knowledge worker"; and curiosity and imagination.

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