Academic Partners

Admissions Consultants

Admissions Consultants is a full-service company that specializes in giving your child the competitive edge required to get into even the most competitive colleges and universities. The company's consultants have held senior-level admissions positions at Ivy League and other top-tier colleges. They will work with your child to develop powerful applications and prepare them to shine during interviews.


netWORKshops provides comprehensive group workshops to college students entering the job market by leveraging interpersonal connections and shared resources to ensure every participant stays motivated to find the "right job!" The curriculum includes a self-assessment, resume and cover letter enhancement, interview preparation, research/social media, networking; job-seekers develop detailed Action Plans, Networking and Tracking Tools to improve efficiency and to guarantee they "hit the ground running." Individual coaching is also available.

AGM-College Advisors, LLC

AGM-College Advisors, LLC takes a team approach in working with clients. While one advisor is the primary advisory for the student and the family, all advisors are involved with providing services. This means that every client benefits from the strengths of each advisor. AGM-College Advisors, LLC helps identify the right colleges, prepare a great college application, and assist in making a sound final decision. Their goal is to be there for their client every step of the way.

Expert Essay Coaching

An excellent college essay can distinguish your child from the pack, but many high school seniors feel panicked by the prospect. With ten years experience teaching writing and twenty years of professional freelancing, Amy Brecount White has the expertise to coach both reluctant and enthusiastic writers through the process from brainstorming to a polished final draft. Her method includes a pre-questionnaire, a two-hour, one-on-one coaching session, and at least two online coaching workshops. She emphasizes the importance of voice, structure, and sensory details to assure your son or daughter successfully communicates his or her uniqueness. She'll coach him or her through several drafts of the Common App essay, college-specific essays, and the short answers. Amy is also available for private school, graduate school, and scholarship essay coaching.

2E Consults (R) LLC

2E Consults® LLC provides in-house psycho-educational assessment and works with parents and their kids to maximize test results from ours and/or previous educational and clinical assessments through coaching and skill development. 2E Consults uses the expertise of a solution-focused educational psychologist and neuroscientist to help you understand test results from school-based or psychological evaluations and/or examination by other specialists. We work with all children, but what is 2E? If your child is 2E or ‘twice-exceptional’, they have strong intellectual and/or creative capacities, but are also diagnosed with specific learning disability, dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), high-functioning autism, Asperger’s syndrome, or other sensory or learning condition that interacts in unique ways with their talent. Services include: assessment, admissions testing for private schools, translation of prior testing into pragmatic goals for change, building support teams to provide the appropriate services for your child’s success, coaching parents and families, optimizing home study environments, and other activities tailored to each client.

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