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Virginia colleges fit into 8 different categories

Most of Virginia's High School students know about Virginia's 15 public 4 year institutions. But not everyone knows there are 8 different categories of Virginia Post secondary colleges and universities and a total of 139 college opportunities in the state of Virginia.

The first three categories below are the state supported schools which include 1 two year public institution, Richard Bland college, and 23 community colleges in addition to the better known of Virginia's 4 year colleges. Click below to look for Virginia's colleges and their web addresses.

A. Virginia Public Four-Year Institutions

B. Virginia Two-Year Public Institutions

C. Virginia Community Colleges

D. Private, Non-Profit Institutions

E. Private Non-profit Institutions

F. Public Institutions

G. Private, For-Profit Institutions

H. Private, For-Profit Institutions

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