The Perrino’s Book

Issues, Strategies, and Concerns in Education
Today—A Collection Of Essays


Issues, Strategies, and Concerns in Education Today—A Collection Of Essays is a compilation of essays by Dr. Ralph Perrino, long-time professor of Sociology at Northern Virginia Community College. The book is the culmination of Dr. Perrino’s twenty-two years as a business owner and thirty-three years in the classroom. Dr. Perrino has seen first-hand the confusion parents and students experience as they proceed through the K-12 and college years. The book was prepared with the hope that it will help parents manage the issues facing them and their children. It is also intended to serve as a guide for parents and students as they maneuver through the myriad of issues, options, and decisions necessary for successful completion of the education process.

Dr. Perrino and his wife, Denise Perrino, who co-authored several of the essays in the book, have a combined sixty-seven years of experience in the field of education.

Topics covered include: the socialization process and its impact on children and learning; when and how to hire a tutor; using theater techniques to teach math, science, and other subjects; when, where, and whether a student should go to college; the digital divide between social classes and the impact of that divide on the achievement gap; the impact of technology on higher education; community college as a financial and academic option for many students; the college funding process, and many more topics of interest to parents, students, and educators.


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