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We are pleased to offer online tutoring as an option for clients when available.

Our tutor matching process begins with an assessment of your needs. We compare your needs with the tutors available and, if possible, offer the option of online tutoring. Once student and tutor are matched and the tutoring relationship develops, online and in-person tutoring sessions can be interchanged. There’s no reason it has to be strictly online or in-person. The tutor and client can mix online and in-person tutoring to maximize the benefits to both.

There are a number of benefits for choosing online tutoring. It is easier to schedule because travel times aren’t a consideration and tutoring can be scheduled on short notice because it’s a lower impact to the tutor. Online tutoring is less expensive—with Skype, screen sharing, and/or online whiteboarding, the quality can be just as good and effective as in-person tutoring. Another benefit is how easily tutors can provide audio recording and image files of the tutoring session.

The details of scheduling depend on both student and tutor availabilities. Depending on client location, some tutors may only be available online.

Both student and tutor must have a stable internet connection and a mechanism for online chatting/sharing a working environment of some sort. We recommend that the tutor and student use Skype or Google+ Hangouts to host their video chat. Depending on the subject, we also recommend the student/tutor be able to use the screen sharing functions via Skype/Google+ or use an online whiteboard, such as

For students under 18 years of age, the same liability issues associated with in-person tutoring fundamentally apply. At the start of any online tutoring session, the tutor will confirm, by voice or audio, the presence of an adult, just like for in-person tutoring sessions. If an adult is not present, the tutoring session will not commence, but, as is the case for an in-person session not being cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, the client will be charged for one hour at the online rate. We are exploring the possibility of recording the Skype audio for the record. We would require both parental approval, as well as verbal student approval (on the record) at the beginning of the tutoring session. This would allow the tutor to email the recorded tutoring session to the student as an MP3 file.

NVTS has several available options:

  • Standard: In-Person, billed at our base rate
  • Online, billed at our base rate less $20/hour
  • Combination: some sessions would take place In-Person (billed at our base rate), and some would take place Online (billed at our base rate less $20/hour). Timesheets will indicate which sessions were in-person and which were online and the client will be billed appropriately.

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