Study & Organization Skills

The ability to “Study Smart” is a skill that can be used for all grade levels and can last a lifetime. It will open doors to a very successful future. Ways to help maximize your study time include:

  • Time management
  • organization
  • reading techniques
  • research skills
  • note-taking

Efficient and effective study techniques are the key to school success. This is often not an issue in the early grades. It is when the student begins to have multiple teachers and courses during the middle school years when the problems associated with lack of study skills surfaces. Our tutors will be patient and will give the kind of support needed to help develop the skills for academic success that will carry your child through high school and beyond.

We always say that if a student learns to study smart by practicing strategies that improve efficiency and effectiveness, there is more time for play and activities that are enjoyable!

“Dr. Perrino’s staff has inspired our children to be more prepared with their school work. He has helped to enhance their study skills, project preparation, and test taking strategies. We highly recommend Northern Virginia Tutoring Service to enrich your child’s learning experience.”

“I wanted to share with you the news that my daughter is enjoying a good deal of success in her pursuit of her passions…due in part to your help. If she didn’t have your quality tutors available to her, she would be in conventional school, and unable to keep up her incredibly demanding rehearsal schedule. She danced in the Nutcracker with the Washington Ballet at the Warner Theatre during December. She also landed a female lead in Footloose at the Little Theatre of Alexandria. There is no way she could successfully manage high school with all of this! So you and your help with your quality tutors is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!! Thanks again for everything you have done for us.”

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