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We believe that no two students are alike and that a one-size-fits-all approach is an ineffective strategy. Furthermore, we believe that “the program is the problem” and therefore do not offer a pre-packaged program. We provide a highly individualized approach tailored to the needs of each student. We hire only the most qualified, dependable, reliable and committed tutors to provide these services. We will stay as long or as little as we are needed to help students gain the knowledge, study habits and confidence they need to achieve their goal.

There is hope and there is help. We have spent over 20 years helping families. We will listen and advise a plan of action to begin a pattern of positive change.

We believe that the rigid hierarchical, bureaucratic programs promulgated by state and federal agencies as well as local school systems, often hinder and limit learning and creative thinking. Our tutoring is meant to help students become self-reliant and prepared for the academic challenges he or she will face in the future. If your child is struggling in a curriculum-based “program” at school, another pre-packaged program is not the answer.

Tutoring should offer the exact opposite approach. Tutoring should provide enrichment and one-on-one creative approaches that allow the student to think outside of the proverbial box. At NVTS, we believe that the key to academic success is intellectual freedom. “Programs” offered by many large corporate and franchise entities do not address this critical learning factor. They simply embellish and reinforce the problem. Our tutors will tailor their approach to the needs of the student, thereby getting better, more targeted results.

Parents essentially have two options when considering whether to seek a tutor for their child:

1. Take a Proactive Approach: tutoring with enrichment in mind for long-term academic success.
2. Take a Reactive Approach: remediation of an immediate issue to overcome a short-term academic deficiency.

Signs there may be a problem:

  • Student avoids doing work at almost any cost
  • Indications of declining grades are apparent
  • Student needs excessive help with homework
  • Student takes excessive time to complete homework
  • Parents find themselves re-teaching basic skills
  • Student seems frustrated and inclined to make excuses for inadequate performance in school
  • Signs of giving up on self or lowering expectations.
  • Physical signs of distress such as stomach-aches or headaches.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?
We can help.

“Thanks to a structured tutoring program of skill building and enrichment activities, our son is now an A/B student…Our daughter has also benefited from summer enrichment activities provided through Northern Virginia Tutoring Service…Dr. Perrino has a keen understanding of what motivates young people and how to get them to “turn on the switch.” And, he has unending patience!”

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